Why You Need an EHIC Card

Summer is here, and people are running around trying to arrange a holiday, and a lot of them are going to spend it in Europe. So, besides packing their passports and other important papers, everyone needs to know that an EHIC card is perhaps the most important document you might need. That is the best fay for you to be sure that you will have healthcare if you injure yourself or get sick in a foreign European county. But, not too many Brits know about this, and that is why we have decided to tell you all about the EHIC card, and why you need it.

People don’t usually think about travel insurance, and when they do, then don’t really think of it as something that is essential. They need to keep in mind that healthcare in a foreign country can be really expensive, and having to pay for that while you are on your vacation could really be bad. That is why an European Health Insurance Card needs to be by your side at all times.

There are a lot of Brits that know about these EHIC cards, but don’t exactly know what it implies. For example, as much as 8% of people believe that this card allows for the patient to receive a free medical flight in case of a medical emergency, which it doesn’t. Also, 15% of Brits believes that this card allows them to get treated for free in various European private clinics or hospitals, which is just not true. What’s funny is the fact that as much as 17% of Brits believes that this card grants them free cruises!

Even though this card is a really important cards that everyone ought to have, the people’s awareness on it still remains rather low. As much as 26% of parents do not own one, which basically means that they’ll have to pay for their treatment and the treatment of their children abroad straight from their own pocket. This might be because people don’t really want to think about diseases, illnesses or injuries on their holiday, but these things do happen every now and then, and it is always better to be protected, and to be safe than sorry.

What’s necessary to note is the fact that this card is completely free, and therefore, there is no reason not to have it! However, just make sure to avoid scams while getting your EHIC card, because there are some websites out there that charge for them. These are all scams, and the real card is 100% free! Just make sure you renew it every five years, and you’ll have no problems with it. Also, keep in mind that this card does not replace the travel insurance, but because it is free, you ought to get it!

One of the issues that the people have with this is the Brexit, and how it is going to affect the EHIC cards. But, because we know that there are non-EU countries in which you can use this card, even if the UK leaves the European Union, there should be no reason to worry that this card is not going to be issued to Brits.