Top 5 facts on vaping and how its effecting your health

Vaping is smoking electronic cigarettes and avoiding tar and other dangerous chemicals from  normal traditional cigarettes. Something like what is used today was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert in the 60s, however , its current avatar was started in 2006 and Hon Lik.

What is vaping and how can it help smokers

Vaping can be considered as a method of a way to quit smoking cigarettes as it can give you the fix without the tar and health defects. It can be cleaner smoking  and a bridge between the life of a smoker and addict to a non smoker.  However since nicotine itself is believed to be addictive, you need to plan to reduce and reduce more till you quit all forms of nicotine intake including vaping, if you believe in its negative effects. We don’t know if vaping in 5 years you’ll be relying on live in care from Homecare Preferred, but Vapers believe Vaping is a safe way for smokers to stop.

Is vaping attracting children to adopt nicotine

Parents and Public officials are worried that promoting vaping and it’s acceptability in many circles for want of provable evidence as to the ill health induced and negative effects of vaping  may be causing children to being attracted to this habit. A serious concern is these may lead to long term addiction as nicotine is supposed to be habit forming. Also the glycol or formaldehyde or other  carrier gases themselves in vaping may be causing harm especially in long term use. Vapers and others fear that it maybe a gateway to getting children addicted to a habit like Nicotine.

Nicotene and smoking vs vaping

Nicotene when smoked is known to cause deadly diseases of the heart and lungs as well as cancer. However, nicotene is known to be addictive. Vaping is free of tar and chemicals produced when lighting uo a cigarettes as believed by vapers and product sellers like Tank Puffin Essex. However carrier chemicals like glycol used in vaping themselves are believed to affect health. Also nicotine itself produces effects like addiction and

Fence sitting and mixed results from ongoing research

You are the ultimate deciders since Public health experts as also tobacco researchers and scientists  are trying to find out how safe nicotine and vaping is. So far as results are mixed, you have to rely on your own opinion. One things that has more or less general acceptability that nicotine itself has health effects, also that quitting cigarettes fully is the best way to maintain your health.  Also the other party believes that habits that are not too harmful like addiction to nicotine are ok to have.

More than Nicotene it also has antifreeze

Some brands contain chemicals CH2O (H-CHO) formaldehyde and another ingredient used is glycol or other substances which are found in an antifreeze, this is believed to cause cancer.  This means though you have escaped consuming tar and other chemicals produced during smoking that damage and destroy lungs and cause cancer, you are still left with nicotine and other carrier substances in vapers and produced during vaping. So there is more to the story than nicotine.